November 15, 2020

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Our Diffusers and Room Sprays .......Sustainable and Renewable

Did you know?


Our Reed Diffusers

All our diffusers and room sprays are made with an sustainable and renewable base called Augeo.  Augeo is an excellent solubilising power, low evaporation rate and low odour, Augeo is by far the best reed diffuser base oil we have found. This means we can use a high percentage(15/20%) of perfume to every diffuser giving a powerful And long lasting scent distribution.

Unlike DPM and other diffuser bases, Augeo evaporates fully and does not have the metallic odour assosciated with other base materials.  

Augeo is fully compliant with CARB Regulation in the USA, meaning it is not classed as VOC (vapor pressure below 0.1 mg Hg). This means that Augeo does not contribute to the VOC content of the final product. 

Features include; fragrance enhancement, HSE profile improvement, eco-friendly product, solubility power, low carbon footprint, low odour, non toxic.