January 14, 2015


New Christmas Scents available now 


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Timeless Candles Scotland. 
We are passionate about creating scents that offer a slice of luxury for every day living.
To inspire and captire memories that last a lifetime.

Energise your mind and Detox your Body with the New Neroli and Lemon Scent Infusion


Energise your mind with this uplifting scent inspired by Timeless 

We all know that we should be detoxing our bodies in January and we should be energised after our break over Christmas....

Well if you are anything like me and have indulged in food, wine and more sleep over the holidays then you will know this is near impossible to do... Our body gets used to more sleep and more food and craves it again and again, therefore it is all about training our mind to not depend on all that and instead re start itself with new thoughts and energy

So why not start your day with a scent that will energise, revitalise and clear your mind?

The uplifting blend of Neroli and Lemon gives you clarity with its refreshing peppermint, clears you're mind with eucalyptus and revitalises with zingy lemon, lime and neroli

Its an energetic infusion that will sure to get you moving in the morning 

Sit your scent infusion in your bathroom whilst showering and let the scent evaporate into the air to help you clear your mind and prepare for your day ahead 

Orders are being held by email to sales@timelesscandles.co.uk for the launch in February

The scent is available to purchase in

Scent Infusions in Dramatic Noir and Ice White in 100ml £28 

Time to Cherish(230g) Candle in Dramatic Noir and Ice White £25

Perfect in your office or workplace  

#detox #energise #revitalise 



As psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud said
"The quickest way to trigger an emotional response is with scent

Smell like taste is so inextricably linked to both emotion and memory that a cocktail of scent can in time create a factory jigsaw puzzle of who you are
Harness the true power of scent and it has the ability to enhance and manipulate your state of mind"





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