The Gift of Christmas 230g Single Wick Candle

Stylish Rose Gold electroplated glass encases this beautiful festive scent.

The Gift of Christmas has been a signature scent for Timeless since the very start and is a true favourite with our Timeless customers returning year on year to buy their one and only Christmas fragrance.

A warm cocktail of ingredients: top notes of sweet orange, mandarin and cinnamon, spicy notes of clove, cognac and nutmeg, and deep woody musk and patchouli.

Yuletide in a jar.

230g single wick candle with burn time of 45/50 hours.

Your classic Timeless rigid box is wrapped with a smooth laminate in rose gold and black to complement the candle and label.

Each of our Christmas scents have a room spray to complement the scent and intensify the Christmas At Home experience.

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