Mia Casa 230g Dramatic Noir Candle

Mia Casa, a scent inspired by Liana's Italian heritage and her memories of happy summers spent with her family in Italy.

The fragrant notes that Liana chose for Mia Casa were aromas that transport her back to her years of family holidays and long lunches sitting around the table chatting and laughing
The eye catching soft velvet touch packaging that wraps around each box is to symbolise the Timeless elegance that Italian Women seem to possess with such ease and class
The colours on the packaging are to symbolise the fragrant notes of Sicilian lemon, mandarin, Bergamot, neroli and Mediterranean fig...

This scent is an elegant, sophisticated, Summers Night Dream

It truly is made from the Timeless heart to take to your home (Casa)
Re in forcing our strapline...Time is Precious...Waste it Wisely - Reminding us always how precious our time is with our loved ones so we must spend it wisely

230g single wick candle in a dramatic black glass with a burn time of up to 45 hours 

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